• 13 - J/22s J/22s are a widely popular design, sailed all over the world. These performance keelboats are nimble, stable and able to plane under spinnaker
  • 10 - Sonars Sonars are agile 23’ keelboats designed by Bruce Kirby. They have spacious cockpits, a large sail area and an inboard tiller. The high boom, angled back bench seats and high coamings make this boat ideal for accessible sailing and a favorite among day sailors.
  • 6 - Impulse 21s These 21’ sloops combine the performance of a sporty dinghy and the forgiveness of a daysailer. The low, open deck serves as seating, and there are toe rails for hiking out. The sail controls are centralized in the cockpit for easy handling.
  • 13 - Access 303 W These 10’ cat rigged dinghies can be sailed double- or single- handedly, with a crew capacity of 350 pounds. The low cockpit seat and weighted centerboard create a low center of gravity, making the boat virtually uncapsizable. The cockpit layout, unstayed mast and high boom make this sailboat highly accessible. The roller furled sail plan with single line reefing and other simple controls offer ease of maneuverability. These features make this sailboat very safe and exciting for a large range of sailing abilities.


  • Passport 40, Best & Final is a world class cruising yacht
  • C&C 33, Nimbus is a proven racer/cruiser on the Chesapeake.
  • O'Day 30, Sweet Surrender
  • Pearson 30, Coyote
  • US Yachts 27, Swiper
  • Catalina 25, Good Egg
  • Watkins 25, Carol D
  • Renken 18
  • Hunter 37 Cutter, Chenonceau

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