The mission of the Downtown Sailing Center is to provide accessible and affordable educational sailing programs to all. We should really be called the "Downtown Sailing Community." We are a community of individuals, from as far as Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., ranging from retiree's to college students, professionals and blue collar workers, from all walks of life, economic, race and religious affiliation. Most came to the DSC to learn how to sail or to volunteer in the many outreach programs we provide for at-risk children and persons with disabilities.


Welcome to the Downtown Sailing Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, whose mission is to make the joy of sailing accessible to everyone, regardless of age, income, ability or disability. We at the DSC take pride in our mantra, "Where sailing is for everyone." And we work, everyday, to put life into that creed by offering the community affordable access to quality sailing programs and events, providing education in sailing and water safety skills at all levels for all ages and abilities, and sponsoring both recreational and racing opportunities.

US SAILING recognizes the Downtown Sailing Center (DSC) as one of a number of Community Sailing Centers. I see "Community sailing" in several different aspects. There is the welcoming atmosphere as we open our educational programs to anyone and everyone in the community. Our outreach programs successfully reach out to improve and strengthen our community. There is also the community that is built within the DSC through our membership and social programs.

The DSC is an amazing place to be. Where else can you see doctors, electricians, and teachers sailing side-by-side with inner city kids and people who might otherwise be wheelchair bound. This is possible due to our dedicated Board of Directors who support our exceptional staff and also due to the generous support of our donors and sponsors. And probably the biggest driving force behind all this is the volunteer base. These volunteers make all our programs work.

When I look at the scope off all that the DSC accomplishes, I am almost overwhelmed. The DSC provides affordable access to daysailing, one-design racing, and cruising for everyone; educational programs for adults and youth; accessible sailing for people with various physical and mental abilities; and programs that reach out to the community of the Baltimore Metropolitan area providing sailing at no cost to the participant. All this ensures that the Downtown Sailing Center is the place "where sailing is for everyone."

Pleasant sailing,

Steve Maddox
Director of Operations

The Downtown Sailing Center is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit community sailing center.
Located at The Baltimore Museum of Industry
Photography donated by Andy Herbick Photography, and others.